About us

The GORNER Company offers top quality oils and greases, as well as chemicals necessary for smooth operation of various industrial appliances.

We are a reliable and trustworthy company, offering its Clients professional service, and partnership to their suppliers and contractors. As a dynamic team, full of passion and enthusiasm, we always aim at providing best quality products, at the same time taking care our prices are competitive.

With our knowledge of the market and our Clients’ needs, we offer tested and high quality products exclusively, which results in their satisfaction, especially when matched with professional consultancy.

We offer a wide range of grease agents and performance liquids, which makes it possible for us to select and supply appropriate products for all types of problems.

Our offer includes not only top quality oils and greases, but also services – an added value to you Company and our business relations.

Based on research and laboratory analyses, we offer comprehensive services related to oil management. Our Clients get professional support aiming at making the oil work longer in their greasing systems. We also provide support in emergencies, such as oil leaks, and we dispose of our Clients’ spent oil. Our offer is constantly broadened and updated.

Our offer includes sale of greasing agents exempted from excise tax. Our Clients are encouraged to register their oil-using businesses with the Customs Office and to purchase the products in the excise tax suspension system, which brings about considerable financial profits.

Our Clients and partners are of paramount importance to us. We listen to them intently, they have our loyalty, and we keep our promises. Our priority is to carefully select technological and functional solutions that guarantee a high level of safety and reliability of our products. Our Clients can rest assured they have invested in quality through dealing with us.