Construction industry

Biodegradable oils released from the mold

- Biodegradable oil products released from the molds in baked clay.

- Biodegradable oil for releasing the forms of fiber cement.

- Biodegradable concrete demoulding oil.

- Biodegradable emulsion for concrete demoulding.les from the molds.

Release form oils

- Cellular concrete demoulding oil

- Oil for the release of the concrete form.

- Means for removing the elastomer from the molds.

- Liquid for removing the elastomer from the molds.

- Demoulding fluid for elastomeric materials.

- Means for removing the hose from the molds.

- Fiber cement demoulding oil

- Biodegradable release agent for baked clay elements

- Measure to prevent sticking to the concrete mixers.

- Oil to release the concrete ti