Food industry

Hydraulic oil certified H1

- Hydraulic oils and gear certified H1

- Lubricating oil and hydraulic equipment for the food industry, anti-wear.

- Mineral gear oils, suitable for incidental food contact

- Synthetic oil for the food industry, lubricating and hydraulic.

- Synthetic lubricating oil (polyglycol) for incidental contact with food.

Compressor oils, vacuum pumps

- Half synthetic oil for the food industry, antiwear for compressors and vacuum pumps.

- Synthetic (PAO) oils, suitable for incidental food contact

Food contact greases

- Multifunctional EP grease for incidental food contact.

- Synthetic EP grease for the food industry, concentrated complex calcium sulfonate.

- Extreme pressure aluminium complex grease, suitable for incidental food contact

- Grease for open gears certified H1

Heat transfer oils

- Heat transfer fluid for incidental food contact


- Multifunctional coolant based on MPG for incidental food contact.


- Spray. - Machine food industry oil - Spray.

- Multifunctional adhesive gel spray the food industry,

- Lubricant spray for the food industry, water resistant

Auxiliary agents

- Means for releasing the molds and a lubricant.

- Sugar dissolving oil for incidental food contact.

Vegetable oils

- High-quality vegetable oil to the dough dividers and bread slicers.

- High-quality vegetable oil for the lubrication of molds.

- Vegetable oil for dough dividers and bread cutting machines

- Food grade vegetable oil emulsion for food industry