Wood and paper industry

Hydraulic oil

- Ashless hydraulic oil

- Low-staining hydraulic oil

- Wear hydraulic oils.

- The synthetic detergent for washing hydraulic circuits

- Hydraulic fluid gear

- Very high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils

- Detergent hydraulic oil

- Biodegradable hydraulic oils, suitable for incidental food contact.

- Biodegradable hydraulic oil based on vegetable oil

- Biodegradable hydraulic fluid with high thermal stability.

- Biodegradable synthetic hydraulic oil.

- Synthetic hydraulic oil with high viscosity index.

- Very high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oils with high shear resistance

- High viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oils.

- High Viscosity Index Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil.

- Ashless mineral hydraulic fluid with a very high viscosity index

Oil for enclosed gearing

- Mineral oil for enclosed gearing.

- Low staining lubricant for enclosed gears

- Lubricant for open gears and cables.

- Highly viscous semi-synthetic oil for enclosed gears.

- Oil for railway transmission systems

- Synthetic oil (PAO) for enclosed gears.

- Synthetic lubricant for enclosed gears (polyglycol)

- High-quality mineral oil for the lubrication of enclosed gears.

- Ashless circulating oil.

- Flushing and cleaning oil, suitable for incidental food contact

- Mineral ash free circulating oil antiwear.

- Synthetic (PAO) circulating oil for high temperatures.

- Synthetic circulating oil (polyethylene) to very high temperatures.

- Semi-synthetic circulating oil

Guides oils

- Lubrication oil slideways

Machine tools oil

- High-quality multi-purpose, not containing zinc, oil for machine tools.

- Multi-functional, high-quality oil for machine tools.

- Machine tools oil with improved bactericidal properties.

Cylinder oils

- Mineral oil for worm

Heat transfer oils

- Mineral based heat transfer fluid.

- Synthetic based heat transfer fluid

- Synthetic heat carrier based on a mixture of isomers and benzyl dibenzylotoluenu

Refrigeration equipment oils

- Synthetic alkylbenzene oil for refrigeration compressors.

- Full-synthetic PAO based oil for ammonia (R 717) refrigerating compressors

- Additive enhanced hydrocracked mineral oil for ammonia (R 717) refrigerating compressors (R 717)

- Synthetic PAO for rotary air compressors.

- Wax free naphtenic mineral oils for refrigerating compressors.

- Mineral oils for refrigerating compressors.

- Synthetic polyester oil for refrigeration compressors with HFC refrigerants.

Roller bearing greases

- Multi purpose lithium / calcium.

- Multi purpose lithium / calcium EP.

- Multi purpose lithium / calcium EP with molybdenum disulfide.

- Multifunctional lithium complex grease EP, for high temperatures

- Multifunctional complex grease lithium / calcium EP, for high temperatures.

- Semi synthetic multi purpose extreme pressure high temperature lithium complex grease.

- High-temperature synthetic lubricant.

- Lithium grease EP resistant to water.

Gear lubricants

- High-quality synthetic lubricant EP on complex lithium soap.

- Grease Extreme-pressure water resistant all temperature calcium sulfonate complex grease.

- Synthetic lubricant calcium sulfonate complex with EP characteristics, low-temperature, water-resistant.

- Graphited grease EP spray gear.

- Extreme pressure adhesive and water resistant calcium sulfonate complex grease.

- Extreme-pressure water resistant high temperature calcium sulfonate complex grease with molybdenum disulfide.

- Grease High temperature high speed synthetic polyurea grease.

- Grease High temperature high speed extreme pressure synthetic polyurea grease.

- Polyurethane synthetic lubricant for high temperatures and high speeds, extreme pressures.

- Bentone clay grease

- High-temperature grease bentonite.

- High temperature bentone clay grease with molybdenum disulfide

- Grease Anti-seize grease with copper.

- Synthetic Lubricants with fluoro compounds.

- Biodegradable multi purpose lithium / calcium properties EP,

Silicone lubricants

- High temperature silicone grease for rolling element bearings