Accelerated hot quenching oil.
Accelerated semi-hot quenching oil.
Accelerator concentrate for cold quenching.
Accelerator concentrate for hot and semi-hot quenching.
Additive enhanced hydrocracked mineral oil for ammonia (R 717) refrigerating compressors (R 717)
Aids care and maintenance emulsion
Air purification oil, designed for auxiliary equipment aluminum rolling.
Air purification oil, for auxiliary equipment aluminum rolling.
Ashless circulating oil.
Ashless detergent mineral oil for gas engines.
Ashless hydraulic oil
Ashless mineral hydraulic fluid with a very high viscosity index
Base oil for rolling
Bentone clay grease
Biodegradable concrete demoulding oil.
Biodegradable emulsion for concrete demoulding.
Biodegradable emulsion for cooling glass cutter knives
Biodegradable fire resistant hydraulic fluid.
Biodegradable hydraulic fluid with high thermal stability.
Biodegradable hydraulic oil based on vegetable oil
Biodegradable hydraulic oils, suitable for incidental food contact.
Biodegradable multi purpose lithium / calcium properties EP,
Biodegradable oil for releasing the forms of fiber cement.
Biodegradable oil products released from the molds in baked clay.
Biodegradable release agent for baked clay elements
Biodegradable synthetic hydraulic oil.
Cellular concrete demoulding oil
Chlorine free neat cutting oil for severe machinings.
Chlorine-free oil for honing and superfinishing.
Cold quenching oil highly accelerated.
Cold quenching oil highly accelerated.
Cold quenching oil.
Concentrate of performance additives for aluminium rolling oils.
Demoulding fluid for elastomeric materials.
Detergent hydraulic oil
Dewatering and protective fluid.
Emulsifying oil for stamping.
Extreme pressure adhesive and water resistant calcium sulfonate complex grease.
Extreme pressure aluminium complex grease, suitable for incidental food contact
Extreme-pressure water resistant high temperature calcium sulfonate complex grease with molybdenum disulfide.
Fiber cement demoulding oil
Fire resistant hydraulic fluid based on phosphate esters.
Fire resistant hydraulic fluid.
Flame resistant hydraulic oil.
Fluids for spark erosion metal working.
Flushing and cleaning oil, suitable for incidental food contact
Food grade stamping and deep drawing lubricant for aluminium packaging
Food grade vegetable oil emulsion for food industry
Full-synthetic PAO based oil for ammonia (R 717) refrigerating compressors
Fully synthetic low ash oil for spark ignition engines, gas powered, working in very difficult conditions or requiring a very long runs.
Glass coating material
Graphited grease EP spray gear.
Grease Anti-seize grease with copper.
Grease Extreme-pressure water resistant all temperature calcium sulfonate complex grease.
Grease for open gears certified H1
Grease High temperature high speed extreme pressure synthetic polyurea grease.
Grease High temperature high speed synthetic polyurea grease.
Half synthetic oil for the food industry, antiwear for compressors and vacuum pumps.
Heat transfer fluid for incidental food contact
Heat transfer for the food industry.
High performance long life gas turbine oils for severe applications.
High temperature bentone clay grease with molybdenum disulfide
High temperature silicone grease for rolling element bearings
High Viscosity Index Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil.
High viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oils.
High-quality mineral oil for the lubrication of enclosed gears.
High-quality multi-purpose, not containing zinc, oil for machine tools.
High-quality synthetic lubricant EP on complex lithium soap.
High-quality vegetable oil for the lubrication of molds.
High-quality vegetable oil to the dough dividers and bread slicers.
High-temperature grease bentonite.
High-temperature synthetic lubricant.
Highly viscous oil for difficult pressing.
Highly viscous semi-synthetic oil for enclosed gears.
Hydraulic fluid concentrate emulsifying with water.
Hydraulic fluid gear
Hydrocracked mineral oil for lubricated screw air compressors
Inhibited mineral heat transfer oil with a very high viscosity.
Inhibited oil bearing
Liquid for removing the elastomer from the molds.
Lithium grease EP resistant to water.
Low ash (< 0,5 %) detergent mineral oil for gas engines.
Low staining lubricant for enclosed gears
Low-staining hydraulic oil
Lubricant for open gears and cables.
Lubricant spray for the food industry, water resistant
Lubricating oil and hydraulic equipment for the food industry, anti-wear.
Lubrication oil slideways
Machine food industry oil - Spray.
Machine tools oil with improved bactericidal properties.
Means for releasing the molds and a lubricant.
Means for removing the elastomer from the molds.
Means for removing the hose from the molds.
Measure to prevent sticking to the concrete mixers.
Medicinal grade White Oil
Medium ash (< 1 %) detergent mineral oil for spark ignited and Dual fuel gas engines
Metal molding oil
Mineral ash free circulating oil antiwear.
Mineral based heat transfer fluid with inhibitors.
Mineral based heat transfer fluid.
Mineral gear oils, suitable for incidental food contact
Mineral oil based turbine oil for the lubrication and seal-up of ammonia synthesis turbo compressor.
Mineral oil for air compressors, rotary and reciprocating.
Mineral oil for enclosed gearing.
Mineral oil for worm
Mineral oils for refrigerating compressors.
Mineral oils for vacuum pumps
Mineral turbine oils for steam, gas and single shaft combine cycle turbines.
Multi purpose lithium / calcium EP with molybdenum disulfide.
Multi purpose lithium / calcium EP.
Multi purpose lithium / calcium.
Multi-functional, high-quality oil for machine tools.
Multifunctional adhesive gel spray the food industry,
Multifunctional complex grease lithium / calcium EP, for high temperatures.
Multifunctional coolant based on MPG for incidental food contact.
Multifunctional EP grease for incidental food contact.
Multifunctional lithium complex grease EP, for high temperatures
New generation low ash lubricant, specifically developed to extend oil drain interval and to protect natural gas engines.
Oil for railway transmission systems
Oil for the release of the concrete form.
Oil to release the concrete tiles from the molds.
Paraffin oil
Polyurethane synthetic lubricant for high temperatures and high speeds, extreme pressures.
Pressing oil, evaporating
Primer preparation to form
Product based on mineral oil containing graphite
Pure, uninhibited mineral insulating oil.
saturating the squeegee device
Semi synthetic multi purpose extreme pressure high temperature lithium complex grease.
Semi-synthetic circulating oil
Semi-synthetic oil, with an average ash content, designed for spark ignition engines, gas powered, working in difficult conditions or requiring extended runs.
Special liquid deep-drawing and drawing aluminum.
Straight oil for grinding and honing operations on ferrous metals
Sugar dissolving oil for incidental food contact.
Surface coating agent for glass containers, applied to the cold
Synthetic based heat transfer fluid
Synthetic (PAO) circulating oil for high temperatures.
Synthetic (PAO) oils, suitable for incidental food contact
Synthetic alkylbenzene oil for refrigeration compressors.
Synthetic circulating oil (polyethylene) to very high temperatures.
Synthetic EP grease for the food industry, concentrated complex calcium sulfonate.
Synthetic fluid for drawing of non ferrous metals.
Synthetic heat carrier based on a mixture of isomers and benzyl dibenzylotoluenu
Synthetic heat transfer fluid, a mixture of diethylbenzene isomers.
Synthetic hydraulic oil with high viscosity index.
Synthetic lubricant calcium sulfonate complex with EP characteristics, low-temperature, water-resistant.
Synthetic lubricant for enclosed gears (polyglycol)
Synthetic Lubricants with fluoro compounds.
Synthetic lubricating oil (polyglycol) for incidental contact with food.
Synthetic oil (PAO) for enclosed gears.
Synthetic oil for the food industry, lubricating and hydraulic.
Synthetic PAO for rotary air compressors.
Synthetic polyester oil for refrigeration compressors with HFC refrigerants.
Synthetic water soluble quenching fluid, which reduces cooling rates
Technical oil
Technical oil
The synthetic detergent for washing hydraulic circuits
Turbine mineral oil
Vaporizing the liquid quality.
Vaseline oil
Vaseline pharmaceutical
Vaseline technical
Vegetable oil for dough dividers and bread cutting machines
Very high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils
Very high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oils with high shear resistance
Washability concentrate for hot or cold quenching oils.
Wax free naphtenic mineral oils for refrigerating compressors.
Wear hydraulic oils.