Metal processing

Cooling lubricants for machining

- Fluids for spark erosion metal working.

Synthetic and semi-synthetic water-soluble liquid processing

- Chlorine-free macroemulsion without formaldehyde-releasing compounds, for the treatment of aluminum and steel from low to medium carbon.

- Multi-functional macro-containing no chlorine, amine and boron.

- Chlorine Multifunction macroemulsion without formaldehyde-releasing compounds.

- Synthetic chlorine-free liquid to the machining and grinding.

- Difficult macro-cutting processes.

- Chlorine-free macro-for difficult machining processes.

- Semi-synthetic multifunctional chlorine-free micro-emulsion.

- Multi-functional micro-emulsion without chlorine and boron, for difficult machining processes.

- Synthetic liquid formaldehyde free, the cutting and grinding operations.

Cooling lubricants for machining immiscible with water

- Straight oil for grinding and honing operations on ferrous metals

- Chlorine-free oil for honing and superfinishing.

- Chlorine free neat cutting oil for severe machinings.

Quenching oils, cooling concentrates

- Cold quenching oil.

- Cold quenching oil highly accelerated.

- Cold quenching oil highly accelerated.

- Accelerated semi-hot quenching oil.

- Accelerated hot quenching oil.

- Washability concentrate for hot or cold quenching oils.

- Accelerator concentrate for cold quenching.

- Accelerator concentrate for hot and semi-hot quenching.

- Synthetic water soluble quenching fluid, which reduces cooling rates

Evaporation means forming

- Metal molding oil

- Pressing oil, evaporating

- Vaporizing the liquid quality.

- Special liquid deep-drawing and drawing aluminum.

- Emulsifying oil for stamping.

- Highly viscous oil for difficult pressing.

- Synthetic fluid for drawing of non ferrous metals.

- Food grade stamping and deep drawing lubricant for aluminium packaging

- Dewatering and protective fluid.